About Me

So I got it! I was asked what inspired this. It was me! My life inspired this. All of the good times. All of the bad times. My child and how we had to struggle growing up. Learning to hustle and grind as a young adult. The both of both my amazing sons, the day my wife said I DO. It was the desperation I felt as a husband and father through the experience of being homeless. It was the jokes and silly things I do to make my wife laugh. It was the being alive feeling I get from the people I know because my Mother raised me right. It’s because I need to do this. It’s because it just needed to be done. The universe gave me a chance and I’m gonna take it. The inspiration is the hustle of my life.

My life is my inspiration!

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What is Mobbed Up?

Mobbed Up is anything you want it to
be. It’s definitely the feeling of belonging. We’ve heard stories of people seeing each other in public and saying “You’re mobbed Up too?” It’s the energy you feel being around the people you love being around. It’s me James Whalen (creator of Mobbed Up).

The idea of Mobbed Up started about 5 years ago. We had a different name, different direction, same concept. Some big life lessons took place and unfortunately it didn't happen then . It proves when your idea is great it will find a way to manifest itself. I made a shirt as a joke that said “I know Shannon and James”(my wife and I). I created
the shirt with black and white and people loved the shirt so I made others and kept the same concept and colors. The rest is history.

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Mobbed Up It’s the culture and family I’ve built around me my whole life down to the “Dusty the Bear”. Dusty is a representation of my best friend Dustin who passed away in 2012 and me. We were never without each other. Losing him dramatically changed my life and how I viewed my place in the world. I was without my best friend. That does something to a person. At that moment I decided to have no more excuses. We are going to create a legacy. Results didn’t happen overnight or in a few years. I have failed time and time again. When I fall I get back up again. That's what we do. We grind and push until we make it. These are the people I’m sure will connect with our brand. We’re just ecstatic when we see people smile when they put our brand on for the first time. Definitely cuddly but a little rough around the edges. It’s how I want to feel when I walk outside. Everybody has the chance to be Mobbed Up.

Thank you for all your support!

Mobbed Up Founder